Happy mother’s day!


Happy mother’s day to the world’s best mom!!!
You know all our flaws & imperfections yet you still loves   us unconditionally. Words wouldn’t be enough to describe the sacrifice you’ve made when you decided to let us go and leave you behind in order for us to begin a new & brighter future here, we were million miles away from each other & it broke you to pieces every single day yet you stood strong and NEVER made us feel the distance lying between us. You showered us with your selfless love and guided us every step of the way & it’s more than enough for us to be who we have become today. I praise & thank the Lord everyday for you mom, you are exceptionally beautiful inside & out! Heidi, benjo & i are far more than grateful to have someone like you not only as our mother but also a friend who we can always count on. WE LOVE YOU MOM MORE THAN WORDS COULD EVER TELL!  We continually pray for the Lord’s grace to be showered upon you & that He may continually bless you with good health. Again HAPPY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

Foodie diary 11: BEIJING BEEF


Beijing beef is a definite fave of mine from Panda Express & because i love it so much i can’t help but crave for it from time to time!
As i was listing down our menu for the week it suddenly came to my senses “Why not try making my own beijing beef? That way i don’t have to drive anytime i crave for it.” So……you know the drill ;) YES! I went and searched online for it’s recipe, right there & then i went to the grocery store & bought all the ingredients needed and you know what? IT SURE WAS A HIT!!

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APPLE no more!!!

My husband & i decided to upgrade our phones and transfer to samsung…it’s one decision we had to think about over & over again, i mean moving from apple to samsung is one drastic change but one thing is for sure…WE DON’T REGRET ANYTHING! adios iphone4 you served me well & hello samsung s5 😉

Hubs is finally home!!!

I’m so ecstatic to see my husband again after 2 weeks of being on underway! Thank God he’s off during the weekends & we were able to spend good quality time with each other :)
I know it sounds crazy knowing he’s only been gone for 2 weeks & i speak like he’s been gone for 2 decades but i guess that’s how it is when you’re deeply in love with someone…you miss them right away the moment they leave.

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Foodie diary 10: RELLENONG PUSIT

Wanna try something out of your comfort zone & unusual? I suggest you try this delicious dish & i promise you won’t regret it!

Relleno: to refill / stuff

There i was thinking of what our menu for the week would consist of once again (wifey duties) & i thought to myself “i have to think of something different, something unique” and to be honest i’m scared on just experimenting and try making my own recipe so i had to rely on google (of course! Nothing new to it…hahaha) I was fortunate enough to find something i thought my husband would enjoy eating & if you’d ask me on how it went? TWO THUMBS UP!!!

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